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June 16, 2021

Sitting requires peace in the body. Visually mid-lining your soul, connecting to the earth. Sun shining down even through clouds; highways of stars and life-bearing rocks fly through darkness beyond our light, rocked stones of all sorts of emotions staying stagnant stuck in time until layers of life unstuck them.

the story goes as long as the future holds me the dark will come every night and as we spin into the fiery abyss, knowing love makes torches lit caverns home again.

No writing on the wall scarring out names, calling you and me a starship plane, the windows catching our echoes! And hellos! Voices carrying over and Oh, the very most special delivery, me a miss to majesty royal crown aligned and holy smoky eyes! Smudges pray hands together, chest open: breathe. Widen the expanded horizon, vision farther and commit the whole pile of weather.

All in, give me life, Love’s last breath.

Saying all this as I waken daily is my gift.

Poem- Untitled by Maria One Spot (2021).

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