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Very fine veils,

Paper joss

Caterpillar lullaby

Shone through

Words to comfort

Carry stones no more

Water particles

Sliding doors

There are no more

Tears overflow

Choking hazards

Neck breakers

Gazing little eyes

Check marked boxes

Chopped up hearts

Home horizon

Take me away

Wishing wood smell

Fire burning light

Harboured starry

And mind,

mesmerizingly beautiful

Embers inviting

Story-line wise

Healthy and true,

enveloping embrace

Tasting the mist of you,

Heaven can’t wait

The rivers’ bows like elbows,

Wound around and around

Like I am to you

The love is rich and dying is not suffering.

Succulence petal

And bent spine unwheeled;

The best, greatest love-thing

Of my life

no more hiding

My minds made up

You call me ‘Mine’.


"Mine" by Maria One Spot (2021).

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